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An organic way (or one of them) of doing affiliate marketing: You’re already creating content and have followers so you just have to integrate or weave affiliate programs/products into your content. That’s it.


This is what some Amazon influencers are saying:

(Although they’re speaking about their Amazon storefront experiences we can get an idea or a bird’s eye view of how they implement affiliate marketing in their business.)

Laura Fuentes creator of MOMables: 

“I’ve incorporated Amazon storefront into my business in a way that’s been really organic to the content that I’ve already been creating so from my blog post now I can link out and say, “Hey shop everything that you need for this recipe”” 

As Alex from WP Eagle said concerning the true role of an affiliate marketer, she just helps her customers to choose the right products to buy.

“It’s almost like taking someone along inside of a store and taking them exactly in the department where they need to be”

Harvard student John Fish:

“What are the ways in which you can provide value through recommending products?It’s not really the products that you think will convert the best you could recommend you know fad products whatever fidget spinners but is that really gonna make someone’s life better? And in one month two months three months will they remember you and in three years will they remember you right? Building your relationships like that I think is that is the best investment that you can make.”

If you’re doing something. Say, it’s a hobby or something you love, you’d better monetize it! Unfortunately, money is like water. If you don’t have it you can’t grow. “Add water and watch it grow”

Jennifer Marie (Keto Friendly Recipes):

“Number one key to building your audience is to stay engaged and give them the information that they want. It’s not about selling the products. It’s about using your authentic voice and the sales come automatically or the affiliate money comes automatically but when you truly talk about what you believe in. That is the only way I do it.”

Derral Eves speaks about audience:

“I really don’t believe you you need a huge audience to do it. You need audiences that will be engaged. I’ve seen channels that have just a few thousand subscribers but they have a really engaged audience and those people actually buy the products that they’re actually showing. Either in a DIY or a tutorial.”

Steve Dotto (Dottotech)

“As you grow your community as you grow trust, they want to see life through your lens. Don’t try and do too much! Be earnest, make great recommendations and trust them and be upfront about it.”

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