We Are What We Say

… who gives life to the dead and calls the things not being as being.

Rom. 4:17b

Speaking In Faith

As children of God, we need to realize that when we speak something out of a sincere heart, our situation will be according to our speaking.

Concerning Being Saved

Suppose someone asks you if you have been saved. You should answer definitely, “Yes, I am saved.” You should not hesitate and say, “Let me think about this for a while. According to certain evidences, maybe I am saved.”

If you say that you may be saved, then perhaps you are saved. But if you say that signs indicate that you may not be saved, then perhaps there may be some question. Now that we are children of God, we should be careful of our speaking, for we are what we say we are.

In a previous message I pointed out that we are what we eat. Now I wish to point out that we are what we say.

Concerning Being A Saint

The Bible refers to the believers as saints. Are you a saint? If you consider this question and say, “Well, I’m not a saint like Theresa or Francis. I really don’t think I’m very holy. How can I say that I am a saint?” If you talk like this, your condition is still that of a pitiful sinner. But if you answer by declaring, “Yes, I am a saint!” then you are truly a saint.

Not In Our Natural Sincerity, But In Faith

We must learn to speak not in our natural sincerity, but in faith. Paul tells us that we speak because we have a spirit of faith: “And having the same spirit of faith, according to that which is written, I believed, therefore I spoke; we also believe, therefore also we speak” (2 Cor. 4:13).

Concerning Loving The Lord

We Christians are good at hesitating, doubting, considering, and thinking matters over again and again. Suppose someone asks you if you love the Lord. You may be very slow to give an answer. You may ponder the question, not wanting to say anything that is not according to what you really are.

You may think that you are being careful and humble. Actually you are being deceived by the enemy and cheated by him. In faith, we need to declare with boldness that we love the Lord.

Concerning Receiving The Holy Spirit

Concerning being in the spirit and receiving the Spirit, many of us have been wrongly educated. Some teach that in order for a Christian to receive the Spirit, he must repent, confess his sins, and pray with fasting. Then, after a period of time, he will suddenly receive the Spirit.

Because of the influence from our religious background, we may hesitate to answer when someone asks us if we have received the Holy Spirit. If we have been properly instructed in spiritual things, we shall be able to respond immediately, “Yes, I have received the Holy Spirit!”

All quotations in this post, unless otherwise noted, are from Life-Study Of Romans, message 68 by Witness Lee. Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. 1989. Source: ministrybooks.org

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