Sin “Killing” Us Through The Commandment

For sin, seizing the opportunity through the commandment, deceived me and through it killed me.

Rom. 7:11

Sin Takes Advantage Of The Law To “Kill” Us

In 7:11 Paul says, “For sin, taking occasion through the commandment, deceived me, and through it killed me.” According to this verse [Rom. 7:11], sin does two things: it deceives us and it kills us.

To kill something is to put it to death. Thus, to say that sin kills us means that sin puts us to death. This happens through the law, for sin takes occasion through the commandment. In a sense, sin takes advantage of the law to kill us.

Moses Gave Ten Commandments, But You Make An Eleventh Commandment

Before you were saved or before you were stirred up in spirit to seek the Lord, you might have lost your temper frequently without being aware of any killing. The reason for this is that you had not made up your mind not to lose your temper any more.

But after you were saved or were stirred up to seek the Lord, you prayed, “O Lord, I know that as one who is seeking You, I should not lose my temper. This damages my testimony for You among my family and friends. Therefore, I am making up my mind that from now on I will never lose my temper again.”

In praying this way you make a strict law for yourself regarding losing your temper. This new law is your eleventh commandment. Moses gave ten commandments, but you make another commandment, the commandment about not losing your temper.

Your Temper “Kills” You By Taking Advantage Of Your Self-Made Law

However, when you lose your temper after making such a law, your temper kills you. It takes advantage of your self-made law to put you to death.

If you lose your temper in the morning, you may be killed for the whole day. But when you lost your temper in the past, you did not sense the killing because you had not made a law about losing your temper.

The More Laws We Make, The More We Shall Be “Killed”

This illustration shows that we need to be careful about making laws for ourselves. The more laws we make, the more we shall be killed. Remember, sin always takes advantage of the commandment to put us to death.

Whenever We Make Up Our Mind To Keep The Law, Something In Our Flesh Rises Up

In Romans 7:24 Paul declares, “Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from the body of this death?” In this verse Paul speaks of “this death,” which is the very death defined in Romans 7.

It is important to know what is the death revealed and explained in this chapter. Whenever we make up our mind to keep the law, something in our flesh rises up, fights against the law of good in our mind, defeats us, captures us, and kills us.

If we do not make up our mind to keep the commandments, this element in our flesh remains dormant.

But whenever we make up our mind to do good in order to please God, this element is stirred up and seems to say, “What! Do you intend to do good to please God? Let me show you that you can’t do it. I’ll defeat you and kill you.”

Thus, sin in the flesh rises up, defeats us, captures us, and slays us. This causes us to suffer what Paul calls “this death.”

The Way To Be Freed From Death

Now we must find out how to be freed from death.

The Spirit Is Our Refuge

Death’s base in us is the flesh. The only way to escape from death and to be freed from it is to take refuge in our spirit. Our flesh is the base of death, and our spirit is our refuge. We need to flee into this refuge and escape from death.

Life Is In The Spirit And Death Is In The Flesh

Death is versus life, and life is versus death. Death is in our flesh, and life is in our spirit. Nothing can chase death away or swallow it up, just as nothing can drive darkness away.

However, when light comes, darkness vanishes. There is no need to expend effort to drive darkness away or to command it to disappear. Simply allow the light to come in.

The more the light comes in, the more the darkness disappears.

The same principle applies to the matter of life versus death. By our effort we cannot drive death away or swallow it up.

Only life can swallow death, and life is in our spirit. Whenever life comes in, death vanishes.

Death Is Satan And Life Is Christ

Death is Satan and life is Christ. Do not let yourself be associated with Satan in the flesh, but always stay in your spirit with Christ as life.

Then you will see that Christ, who is your life, will have a free course within you to spread into every part of your being. Eventually, He will saturate every part of you.

This is the enlivening, the quickening, of life. Life will enliven your mind, emotion, and will and even be imparted into your mortal body.

Every Part Of Your Being Will Be Life

Thus, every part of your being will be life. The spirit is life, the mind will be life, and the body also will be life. When this happens, death, the last enemy, will be swallowed up.

All quotations in this post, unless otherwise noted, are from Life-Study Of Romans, message 36 by Witness Lee, Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. 1989. Source:

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