Impractical Spirituality

But now I am going to Jerusalem, ministering to the saints. For Macedonia and Achaia have been pleased to make some contribution for the poor among the saints in Jerusalem.

Rom. 15:25-26
The Example Of The Apostle Paul And The Gentile Believers

The spirituality of many Christians today is too impractical.

They say, “I am for Christ and I will bring Christ everywhere, but I don’t care for money or for material possessions.”

If you say this, it may mean that your spirituality is impractical. Consider the example of the Apostle Paul.

He went to Achaia and Macedonia, ministering Christ to the people. What was the outcome of this?

The outcome was that the Gentile believers contributed their own material possessions to care for their ex-enemies, their Jewish brothers in Christ.

After the Gentiles had been converted, regenerated, sanctified, and transformed, their old heart had been removed and a new heart had been implanted, a heart of concern for their Jewish brothers.

They expressed this concern in a practical way by giving material things.

They did not say, “Paul, we stand with you, we go with you, and our prayer follows you. Send our greetings to the dear saints in the Holy Land.”

Paul exemplified the practical church life by going with Christ and returning with material possessions.

This is the genuine communication in love and practical expression of concern.

All quotations in this post, unless otherwise noted, are from Life-Study Of Romans, message 30 by Witness Lee, Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. 1989. Source:

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