Experiencing the Golden Element

And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me; and when I turned, I saw seven golden lampstands

Rev. 1:12

God as the Golden Element is the Substance of the Lampstand, the Church

We all need to experience the golden element of the lampstand. If we only have an ounce of gold, how could we form a lampstand? This would be impossible. We might be able to make a ring, but certainly not a lampstand. In order to have a lampstand, there must be a talent of gold (Exo. 25:39). (A talent equals approximately one hundred pounds, or sixteen hundred ounces.)

We need more gold, more of God. If we would have the church as the lampstand, we must have something substantial — the gold, which is the substance, the essence, the element, of God Himself. If we do not have this substance, all our talk about the church is vain.

How pitiful is the situation among so many Christians today. They have so little of the substance, of the divine gold; instead of acquiring the substance, they discuss vain doctrine. Even if our doctrine is sound, right, fundamental, and scriptural, it is not God Himself. Only God Himself is the element. How we need God as the golden element!

The Way to Gain More Gold

God is Spirit

What is God? In John 4:24 the Lord Jesus clearly said, “God is Spirit.” In Greek, there is no article before the word Spirit. Thus, we should not say that God is a Spirit, but that God is Spirit. To say that God is Spirit is like saying that the table is wood. Just as the element of the table is wood, so the element of God is Spirit.

Worship Him by Drinking of Him as the Living Water

According to John 4:24 in order to worship God we must worship Him in spirit. To worship God is not simply to bow down to Him; it is to reach Him, to contact Him, and to receive Him. According to the context of John 4, to worship God is to drink of Him as the living water (v. 14), which is the very Spirit flowing into our being.

Receive Him by Opening Your Whole Being

How can we receive Him into us as this living water? We receive Him by opening our whole being to Him and by exercising our spirit. We must receive God Himself as the golden element into the depths of our being.

Never Close Yourself to Him

Day and night, we need to open ourselves. Never close yourself to Him or shut any part of your being to Him. Rather, tell Him, “O God, I am absolutely open to You. I exercise my spirit to contact You, the divine Spirit. O divine Spirit, come into me and saturate me.” This is the way to gain more gold.

The Church Must be Full of Gold, Full of God

If we all gain more gold, among us there will not only be one talent but perhaps a hundred talents. We shall be exceedingly rich in the divine element, in the material for the lampstand. All the brothers and sisters will be full of God and wherever we go, we shall see gold.

When we enter into the saints’ homes, we shall see nothing but gold. When I visit the brothers and sisters, I shall see gold. When I come to the young ones, I shall see gold, and when I contact the older ones, I shall see even more gold.

The sisters should not be wooden or muddy; they should be golden. I always feel shameful when I hear some sisters gossiping. Although I do not condemn them, I experience the sense of shame, for sisters in the church must be golden. A gossiping sister is not truly in the church.

Likewise, I also feel shameful whenever I see a brother exchanging words without love with his wife. Where is the gold in this brother? If he is a brother in the church, he should be full of gold.

When I see such things, I turn away. I do not like to see the muddy condition of the saints. Rather, I enjoy seeing the gold in them. We all need more gold. The church must be full of gold, full of God. When I see this, I feel glorious and I am in the third heaven.

All quotations in this post, unless otherwise noted, are from Life-Study Of Revelation, message 31 by Witness Lee. Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. 1984. Source: ministrybooks.org

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