Becoming Righteous By “Dying”

I am crucified with Christ

Gal. 2:20
God Desires That We Also “Go To The Cross And Die”

We have pointed out that Christ died on the cross to fulfill God’s righteous requirements. Now we must go on to see that God desires that we also go to the cross and die. If we are not crucified on the cross, God’s righteous requirements cannot be fulfilled in us in a practical way.

Nothing Is More Righteous Than For Us “To Die On The Cross”

In the eyes of the righteous Father, nothing is more righteous than for us to die on the cross. If we die, we are righteous in every way. However, if we refuse to die, we have no righteousness in our relationships with others and even with material things.

When We “Die”, We Are Spontaneously Justified

We may treat people unfairly, and we may fail to handle our material possessions properly. Therefore, to be righteous before God, we not only need to be washed—we also need to die. When we die, we are spontaneously justified.

Conducting Ourselves Daily According To This Fact

A proper Christian is one who has died with Christ and who conducts himself daily according to this fact. If a believer lives in a natural way, he will be unrighteous. But if he experiences the death of the cross, he will be righteous in everything, with everyone, and in every way.

God Dispensing Himself Only Into Those Who Have “Died”

We have laid stress on the fact that God’s righteousness requires the death both of Christ and of ourselves. We were involved in the death of Christ. When He died, we died also, for we died in Him.

This all-inclusive death was for the fulfillment of God’s righteous requirements. Because God’s righteousness has been satisfied, God is justified in dispensing Himself into His redeemed and crucified people.

God cannot dispense Himself into persons still living in their natural life, but can only dispense Himself into those who have died. If you are still alive in a natural way, still living in sin and in the world, God has no position to dispense Himself into you.

Only the death of Christ and your death with Christ fulfills the requirement of His righteousness and gives God the ground righteously to impart Himself into you.

“Dead” With Christ In A Practical Way

This applies not only to the time we were saved, but also to our daily experience with the Lord. If we want to experience the dispensation of the Triune God, we must take our standing before Him as crucified persons.

We must believe and declare the fact of our death with Christ on the cross. Since we are then dead with Christ in a practical way, God will have the position to dispense Himself into us with all His riches. This is God’s dispensation according to His righteousness.

No Ground For Satan To Accuse Us

Because we all have died in Christ and are therefore righteous in the eyes of God, there is no ground for Satan to accuse us or to condemn us. Now Christ is living in us to sanctify us, to transform us, and to conform us to the image of Christ. The issue of this process is glory.

All quotations in this post, unless otherwise noted, are from Life-Study Of Romans by Witness Lee, message 61. Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. 1989. Source:

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