Becoming Part of the Man-Child by Following the Lamb Today

These are they who follow the Lamb wherever He may go.

Rev. 14:4
We Can Be the Man-Child Even Today

Do not understand the man-child in just a doctrinal way as consisting of the dead overcomers resurrected. Doctrinally speaking, this is correct. But we do not like to understand the Bible simply in a doctrinal way. Rather, we must know the Word in a practical way.

Even today, before the time of resurrection, we can be the man-child. If you are not a part of the man-child today, then how do you expect to be a part of the man-child in resurrection?

Not Trying to Imitate Him Outwardly

The principle in becoming the firstfruit or the man-child is the same: we must follow the Lamb wherever He goes (Rev. 14:4). However, in my early ministry I did not realize that following the Lamb is not an outward matter.

We should not say, “Oh, the Lamb was patient and humble, and we must imitate His patience and humility. The Lamb was absolutely for God, and we must also be absolutely for Him. The Lamb is our example, and we must follow Him.”

Forty years ago, I gave messages along this line. But later I realized that this is a natural understanding of following the Lamb. If the element of the Lamb does not get into us, we shall be unable to follow Him.

To Follow the Lamb Means to Allow Him to Get Into Us

We are not a lamb; we are “monkeys” or “donkeys.” How could a “monkey” or a “donkey” follow the Lamb? It is impossible. To follow the Lamb means to allow the Lamb to get into you.

When the element of the Lamb is constituted into your being, you will actually be a part of the Lamb. You will be unable to be what you were before because you have been transformed. Our transformed being is the man-child.

Now we are the woman submitting to our husband and receiving something of Him into our being. If we allow the element that we have received of our husband to saturate and permeate our being, constituting us with this element, we shall no longer be simply the woman, but the man-child.

Constantly Opening Our Being to His Divine Element

Although we need to pray more, if we simply pray in a common way, we shall not be supplied. We need to constantly be open to our husband. We must permit the element of Christ, the divine constituent of Christ, to work in us continually to saturate and permeate our whole being.

Today, the Lord’s desire is that many of His children realize that, as God’s people, we are His wife for the purpose of bringing forth the man-child. We cannot produce or manufacture this man-child; we must receive something of Christ and be made pregnant of Him.

Something of our Christ must enter into our being. It is not a matter of our being humble, patient, nice, or good. It is absolutely a matter of opening our being to His divine element and of allowing this element to be worked into us.

All quotations in this post, unless otherwise noted, are from Life-Study Of Revelation, message 35 by Witness Lee. Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. 1984. Source:

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